The campaign #PowerofGreen was designed to embody the essence of what it is to be Irish, how we identify as it and how as a nation we are powerful. We developed the concept from this, leaving the generic portrayal of Ireland and our country across mass media aside and looking further into the concept of our 'Power'.

We decided to take a snapshot of people opinions on this theme, people from around Ireland, from all ages and from all backgrounds.

Creating an engaging, thought provoking and emotive piece, we felt this route best embodied what it is to be Irish and the true power we have, our people.

We then took a relaxed approach to production by keeping our style loose and intimate. We kept a static mod of all participant but had a roaming camera that was free to move around set, capturing intimate and candid moments. The relaxed style allowed for a comfortable set for participants and a visual that best represented the sentiment of the campaign, strong, confident expressions of what bring Irish means and how powerful that is.