Many clients come to us, looking to invest in a suite of content that they have to hand, as maintenance content throughout the year. This is usually content that reflects the very essence of a brand, it's voice and what it represents so that it is appropriate all year round.

Both Whiskas & Pedigree run a series of campaigns throughout the year, alongside user generated content and international brand assets. Our task was to create yearly content that would appeal to the Mars Petcare community at any time.

We took the project from curating a list of outputs in the form of still images, GIFs and slow motions videos, through to full production management (puppy management included) and finally post production.

This project is a reflection of cost & time effective content creation that leads to an annual collection that can sustain any brand via personalisation, holiday posts, competitions etc.

Check out our BTS to see how we got on over the 2 day shoot!