At FLTR we wanted to explore various ideas and concepts we had been mulling over for sometime. Making a spec ad was a great way for us to experiment with our ideas and also new styles and mediums. Our Adidas Spec is the first of many experimental projects. With this piece we wanted to showcase various elements of our ethos and team.

Directed by Amy and produced and edited by David, we curated a talented team to bring our brand story to life.

For us spec pieces are all about expressing ourselves but also about growth and learning as a team. Making the decision to shoot on 16MM allowed us to broaden our horizons as regard the mediums we use, tighten our production and organisation skulls and lastly our experience in producing and directing projects shot on film.

Director | Amy Doyle
Producer | David Byrne
Cinematographer | Evan Barry
Production Designer |  Jill Beecher
Editor | David Byrne
Stills Photography | Ruth Guest
Copywriter | Mia Fleming
Model | Charlotte Headon